Website Updates
Website Updates

27-Jan-2021 : Added Volatility Skew
21-Dec-2020 : Added features 1)Latest/Historical data 2) Save/Load strategy to Straddle Combo Chart
18-Dec-2020 : Added Total PE-CE OI Tool
03-Dec-2020 : Added Bid, Ask, VWAP, OI Buildup and totals of OI Change, OI, Volume to Option Chain
02-Dec-2020 : Added feature to Straddle Combo charts to select one or more strikes
10-Nov-2020 : Added IVR-IVP Scan
10-Nov-2020 : Added Straddle Watch
05-Nov-2020 : Added "Latest / Historical" feature in Options Chart
02-Nov-2020 : Added "Latest / Historical" feature in Futures Chart
27-Oct-2020 : Added "Latest / Historical" feature in Straddle Snapshot
27-Oct-2020 : Added "Latest / Historical" and "Save/Load" strategy features in Spread and Butterfly Charts
06-Oct-2020 : Added Options OI Breakup
29-Sep-2020 : Sector filter and Combined OI features are added in Futures OI Scan
28-Sep-2020 : Added Futures OI Breakup
18-Sep-2020 : Save / Load Strategies feature added to Iron Condor / Iron Fly Charts
11-Sep-2020 : Save / Load Strategies feature added to Straddle Charts
20-Aug-2020 : Highest OI strikes and Highest OI change strikes are highlighted
03-Aug-2020 : Added Futures OI Scan
28-Jul-2020 : Added facility to specify number of "lots" in Straddle Charts
23-Jun-2020 : Added OI Stats
22-Jun-2020 : Added Max Pain
15-Jun-2020 : Usability of tools is improved by filling all the parameters on change of the Symbol
04-Jun-2020 : IV and PCR lines are added to "Price Vs OI"
28-May-2020 : Option Chain page is updated with selectable column groups
21-May-2020 : ATP Line is added in "Price Vs OI"
19-May-2020 : Added historical data option for "OI Monitor"
13-May-2020 : Added historical data option for "Price Vs OI"
27-Apr-2020 : Added Cumulative OI Change Monitor
16-Apr-2020 : Added OI Monitor
30-Apr-2020 : Added Iron Fly
03-Apr-2020 : Added Price Vs OI Chart