Icharts Options-Help Documentation Page

Straddle / Strangle Charts

This tool displays options Straddle/Strangle strategy charts. Here you will be able to view the price movement of the selected straddle/strangle.


  • Here you will be able to select call & put strikes for the straddle / strangle for any available expiry date.
  • Selecting today's date in the "Date" field will show you the currently available expiries (future expiries).
  • You can change the date to any previous date to view the expiries available on that date. For eg. If you wish you view the straddle chart for Aug 2019 expiry then select a date before that expiry date and the available expiries as on that date will get populated in the "Expiry Date" list.
  • Select the symbol, expiry date and call & put strikes then click "Show Chart" button to view the straddle chart.
  • Note:
    We have intraday options data starting 2nd Aug 2018.

Open Interest Indicators

  • For the straddle/strangle if you wish to view open interest of the call and put selected, you can add the 'Open Interest (Call)' and 'Open Interest (Put)' indicators.
  • To do this, click the 'Indicators' button (shown in picture below):

  • This will open the indicators dialog window as shown below:
  • IndicatorsList

  • These indicators are better viewed in a single indicator window so as to gauge when they are crossing over indicating change of control of options traders.
  • To do this, right click on the bottom open interest indicator (in our eg. Open interest (put). From the displayed menu, click on 'Merge Up.' This will merge the indicator into the open interest (call) indicator
  • Now both open interest indicators will be in the same indicator window allowing you to easily gauge the OI movements of call vs put
  • You can change the color of one of the indicators as per your preference to distinguish easily between call oi and put oi.
  • The merge process is shown in the picture below:
  • MergeOiCallandPut

  • Merged call & put OIs :
  • MergeOiCallandPut2

  • Saving Settings :
  • Note:

  • BEFORE you do all the above indicator additions and customisations, scroll down below the chart and select a blank template first to which you will be saving the settings. Then add indicators etc to charts.
  • Now to save these indicators and other chart settings etc, click the Save Studies & Pref button. This will save settings to the selected template.
  • *** Data in the chart updates every 1 min on average when the market is open ***
  • FuturesChart

    • This tool displays intraday charts for futures.
    • If you wish to view current day’s (today) chart then make sure the date selected in the Date field is today’s, then select the symbol and expiry date and click 'Show Chart' button to display the chart.
    • If you wish to view Historical Chart (for a Previous Expiry) then enter the Date on which you want the chart to begin and then select the Symbol.
    • Expiry date field will List expiries valid for the Selected Date.
    • Select the Expiry and Click Show Chart button to view that Expiry’s Chart.


      Adding Indicators to the chart :
    • Click the "Indicators" button on the toolbar (shown in the picture above), this will show the Indicators Dialog (shown below) :


    • Click on the Indicator you wish to add to add it to the Chart.
    • The Indicator will get added to the chart. You can further customise the Indicator by clicking on the Indicator and then click on 'Settings' on the Indicator menu (as shown in the picture below) :



    • The Date field can be seen on many of our tools like Straddle Charts, Spread Chart, Options Chain, Options Snapshot etc. It is valid mainly for viewing Historical Charts.
    • For viewing current day’s Live Charts, make sure the Date Field has Today’s Date (it is this way by default when you first load any tool page)

    • Take a look at the figure below. We have selected the date as 5th Nov 2019.
    • The Expiry Date list gets populated with all Expiries (for the selected symbol) that are valid on the Date selected. So as a result of this date being selected, all weekly expiries of Nov 2019 and subsequent monthly expiries have got populated in the Expiry Date list.
    • This way you can view, for example, a Straddle Chart or Spread Chart starting on the date selected or Option Chain for the Date selected.

    Chart Indicator Templates

    • All our charting tools like Straddle Charts, Spread Charts, Futures Charts, Options Charts etc have a facility to store indicator templates that can be applied easily by selecting any Saved Template.
    • Eg. Below is the image of Spread chart tool. On any of our charting tools page, scroll down below the chart to view templates.

    • To save your settings to a template:
    • Load a Template first
    • Give the Template a name (optional)
    • Click 'Save Studies & Pref' button to Save the Chart Settings & Indicators
    • Next time, whenever you want this particular of set of Indicators, just select this Template and the chart will load the Saved Indicators.