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What are the differences between the different charting tools you provide?

Charts (Old) : These were the first charts we introduced when we first launched our website in March 2005. These are still here only because few users wanted these.

Charts : Our new end-of-day charts - these are our main charts. These can be accessed by anybody including website visitors who haven't registered yet.

Charts (Premium) : Similar to our "Charts" but these are charts available to registered users only. They also provide intraday charts in addition to end-of-day. The chart sizes are bigger too. All settings are saved to our database so they are available whenever and from wherever you login.

JCharts(EOD) :  These are our end-of-day interactive charts. All our above Charts(Old), Charts & Charts(Premium) are plain image charts - you cannot draw trendlines on these. But Jcharts are interactive Java appet based charts that allow you to draw trendlines, fibonacci retracements etc. All chart settings & drawings are stored to our database (you have to manually save) so they are available next time you visit.

JCharts(RT) : Our realtime charting tool (available only as part of paid service). These are same as JCharts(EOD) but display intraday realtime charts too.

JCharts(RT-no-ShoutBox) :
These are same as JCharts(RT) but without the "Live Chat" discussion box on the right side. Few JCharts(RT) subscribers wanted this option as they found the discussion distracting.


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