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Intraday open/high/low does not match with ODIN/Terminal data

Here are the possible reasons why sometimes the Open / High / Low / Close of intraday charts does not match with what you see on ODIN or other broker terminals:

1. Few big trades (block deals) take place before market open before you & I can begin to trade. The quotes from these trades do not come through our data feed, they are only passed on to the terminals (ODIN etc). That is why you will see this difference in Open/High/Low at market open.

2. During the day NSE's trades management system does few automatic trades throughout the day for "price adjustment". These trades usually happen during sudden volatile moves or at price extremes. The quotes from these trades also show up only on terminals and do not come through our data feed.

3. Our data feed stops at/around 15:30 hrs. The adjusted closing price is not reflected in our intraday charts. This is the reason why you will see a difference in our closing price (in intraday data).

4. Our EOD charts are updated with the official NSE bhavcopy which includes the quotes from all the above mentioned trades and also the adjusted close. That is why you see a difference in OHLC from EOD vs intraday.


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