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History of iCharts website

I was working in USA (Feb 1999 to Oct 2004) and I couldn't find web based charting website for the Indian markets. I decided to develop one myself and started working on the charting part sometime in 2003 (but worked on it very slowly).

Once I returned to India in Oct 2004 I worked on finishing the charting part and got ready the first cut in early 2005. I initially used the website alone, it only had the charting page and nothing else. I used to frequent Traderji forums (http://www.traderji.com/ ) a lot (Username: SwingTrader). Many users there were looking for a web based charting website so I let users there use it.

I consider this date as iCharts website birth date as someone other than I started using the website. This date was 8th July 2005, I posted a message on Traderji forums informing people that I had started web based charting, see this thread here: http://www.traderji.com/software/2902-web-charting.html


Feature Added Date Added
User registrations 5th Aug 2005
Forums 11th Aug 2006
New Charts (replaced original charts - Now Charts (Old) ) - Charts & Charts (Premium) 12th Aug 2006
Intraday Charts (available only for testing) 29th Aug 2006
Live Charts 11th Sep 2006
Stock Lists 12th Oct 2006
ShoutBox 11th Nov 2006
JCharts (EOD) 9th Dec 2006
C T Ramesh Raja's Live Calls 1st March 2007
Intraday Charting Service (JCharts(RT)) 16th July 2007
Equity & Index Futures EOD charts 11th Aug 2007
MCX Commodity Futures EOD charts 19th Aug 2007


-- SwingTrader (Srikanth Kurdukar)

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