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iCharts & TradeJini

NEVER BEFORE OFFER for Indian Traders!

Do you want to get your iCharts subscription for NSE and/or MCX Free?

iCharts and TRADEJINI partners to bring you this exclusive offer:

Get Maximum Brokerage credit upto Rs.2698 every month!

Plus Rs.2000/- worth of One Time Account Opening charges waived.



TRADEJINI is an Online Discount Brokerage - Charging only Rs.20/- Per Order Flat Fee Brokerage.

It has the same commitment as iCharts for transparent, honest and excellence in customer service.


Premium NSE Cash or FNO - Get Rs.899 per month Brokerage Reversal

Platinum NSE Cash or FNO - Get Rs. 1099 per month Brokerage Reversal

MCX Commodity - Get Rs. 1599 per month Brokerage Reversal

NSE + MCX - Get Rs. 2698 per month Brokerage Reversal

Note: Brokerage Cash back from Tradejini into your trading account with them.


Your iCharts Subscription is FREE!

To open an account with Tradejini OR General Enquiry: Click Here

If you have specific questions, please post in the forum HERE and TradeJini Support will reply.


Things to Know:

1. Terms & Conditions: You need to be an iCharts Subscriber

2. Confidentiality and Privacy: 100%. iCharts won’t have access to any of your trading data

3. Dedicated online, email and phone support and as always you can be assured of great customer service

4. Trading related Statutory Charges will be applicable and Cash Back will be for the Brokerage component only

5. iCharts subscribers need to enroll into the reversal program by writing a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to initiate the process with your iCharts id and Tradejini client code

6. The brokerage reversal will be activated in the following month as per the terms upon confirmation from iCharts



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